Design for good or evil?

How can we ensure that our products and services are good and avoid them being evil? Where does our experience of a service or product begin? In what contexts has evil design been developed? When do we really design good things? Is it enough with the intention that we are developing/implementing good design? And when do we create real value for the target groups and our customers?

This conference will highlight different parts of the design process in the production of products and services. We are having lectures and workshops the whole day. We’ll review Work Methods, Digital design, Predictive Analysis, Test, UX Design and Strategy. If you want you can participate in the workshop "Design your business", you can also try Tobii's latest Eyetracking products. Or, try the tools you can use in your organization to collect feedback using Usabilla.

Join us as we explore the secrets of great UX within large organizations and innovative companies and why they are doing Good vs. Evil.

Our keynote speaker is Pamela Pavliscak who will speak about "How to Create a Future with Feeling". We have started to release our other speakers and the last speakers will be announced shortly, same goes for the schedule. We'll have limited spots so get your ticket now!

Date: 8 November 2018 (World Usability Day)
Location: 7A Odenplan

Keynote speaker

Pamela Pavliscak

Pamela studies our conflicted emotional relationship with technology. Her work is part deep dive research, part data science. As a researcher, she creates experiments that challenge us to see technology—and ourselves—in new ways. Whether documenting new internet emotions or asking people to confront their digital alter egos or prototype companion bots, Pamela’s work is aimed at understanding how technology can help us be human.

As founder of Change Sciences, she collaborates with visionary organizations including Google, IKEA, Accenture, and Virgin. She’s leading the development of a next-generation research platform, SoundingBox, to better understand human experience with technology. Pamela is also faculty at Pratt Institute in NYC where she teaches the next generation of designers about the emotional side of technology. Pamela’s work has appeared in The New York Times, NPR, Slate, and Quartz. She’s spoken at SXSW, Web Summit, TNW, and TEDx. Her book on Emotionally Intelligent Design maps out how we can create a more empathetic future by blending machine and human emotional intelligence.


John Ekman

John is the founder of Conversionista - No 1 Conversion Optimizer in Scandinavia. He has recently ventured into trying to understand the next digital revolution - Voice user interfaces.

Charlotte Briem

As a Customer Success Manager, I utilize serious product knowledge to offer innovative strategies and solutions personalized to fit each customer. I establish trust and build strategic advisor relationships with a portfolio of large customer accounts. I drive customer retention, renewal and growth, providing in-depth training and support to help customers get the most of Usabilla’s VoC solution. I also act as a Voice of Customer, liaising with other departments to share customer feedback. I grow and foster accounts, working tirelessly to drive continued value and ensure each and every customer gets the most out of Usabilla’s solutions.

Charlotte has held strategic, project management and customer success roles focused on digital and large international brands. Her passion has taken her all over the world, she has worked in Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, The U.K, Australia and now Amsterdam with exposure to diverse cultures and industries.

Andreas Olsson

Andreas Olsson works as a UX Lead at Tobii Pro with a focus on digital products, most recently Tobii Pro Sprint, a web-based eye tracking solution for UX testing. Before joining Tobii Pro, Andreas held positions as a UX designer within the publishing industry including Bonnier News and ran his own company working as an interactions designer and developer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Information Technology from Uppsala University with a focus on Human Computer Interaction.

Louise Brask

Louise Brask, Head of Corporate Strategy at SOS Alarm, driven by implementing innovative ideas and development initiatives focusing on customer experience, competitiveness and efficiency. Louise works with managers, management teams and boards that need clear goals and strategic focus, increased focus on innovation and development, as well as simple and effective tools for achieving goals and vision.

Kathleen Asjes

Kathleen is Head of User Research at Schibsted Media, driving research for the product development of the largest online newspapers in Sweden and Norway. She is a Dutch national currently based in Stockholm and has worked with UX research for over a decade. Her broad interest in the interactions between people and technology has informed the variety of her work experience, from research for the development of accessible music services to document management systems for offshore engineers. Her main aim with UX research is not so much understanding end users, but mostly having an impact on product development teams by encouraging them to learn about their audience.

Michael Ståhle

Michael Ståhle is a Data Scientist, working with everything from customer behavior to financial predictions. His expertise lies in the intersection of Mathematical statistics and Computer science. He studied his master’s in mathematical statistics at Stockholm University and in machine learning at KTH. Michael is currently working in the online-gaming industry, challenged with Big data analytics and Deep learning on a daily bases.

Peter Westerling

Peter has an Art Director degree as well as a Bachelor of Arts in computer science and economics. He has worked with both usability and visual design for digital media since 1996. Ever since he have designed price-winning internet banks, e-commerce for travel, books and fashion, self-service portals for public sector, intranets for multinational corporations, business-critical web applications and mobile apps.

Tommy Marshall & Anna Swartling

Tommy Marshall, CX Lead, is a UX design consultant who has been on assignments at SEB for almost 2.5 years and has been active within the UX field for 7 years. His passion is to create great solutions that really put the customer in the driver’s seat and help organizations to be more customer centric.  

Anna Swartling is Co-head Customer Experience Design at SEB. She co-heads a team of 31 UX designers who work with the entire bank and all customer segments. Anna has worked with UX for almost 30 years and have experienced it from many different perspectives. Her passion is to help companies evolve into customer- and design driven organizations.

Per Axbom

Since the mid-nineties Per Axbom has worked with digital processes and been a thought leader in Sweden for usability, accessibility and UX. His passion for interviews, sketching and prototypes enables him to understand vividly and explain clearly.

Through the years Per has been an advisor and consultant for more than 60 organisations, startups and leading international companies. During four years he worked as the UX lead for Sweden’s national platform for online behavioural therapy.

With blog posts and UX Podcast Per contributes to increased understanding for human-centered design and is always pushing the boundaries for the definition of UX. He is keen on ethics in design and is working on a book to help digital creators integrate moral thinking in design processes.

Rebecca Hagnestad & Mikael Niva

Rebecca Hagnestad is PO for Expressen’s quickshot team which focuses on digital storytelling. She has a background in journalism and worked as a reporter and web editor at Expressen before joining the developing department in the beginning of 2018. As PO her job is to help the designers and web editors to combine their skills with a journalistic thinking and ethical ground, to create a unique journalistic value for the Expressen readers.

Mikael Niva is a tech savvy UX designer working with digital storytelling and user engagement at Expressen. He has a decade of experience within the digital eco system, collected in industries ranging from; banking, publishing and the automotive industry.
Passionate of knowing the humans as well as the computers.

Unn Swanström

During the day Unn works at Doberman, an international experience design firm based in Stockholm and New York. Enjoys helping large organisations make better things, is currently working with Spotify as a Product Designer. Previous clients include ICA, Swedish Radio, Telia and Expressen. 

At night she transforms into a glittering, horseback-riding, ballet-dancing superhero fighting boredom one cat picture/design meet up/DJ-gig at the time. Unn is co-organiser of Designers in Stockholm meet-up and is one half of the DJ duo Glitterati. 

Also she was IT Women of the year 2015.

Jörgen Damberg

Jörgen Damberg is a passionate quality accelleration nerd. He's been working in the QA field for a few decades and over a hundred projects. Jörgen is well known in the testing community and he was elected to receive the very first "Stora testpriset" 2014, where the testing community elects the person who has contributed the most to the testing community in Sweden.


Hannes Sjöblad

Hannes Sjöblad is a member of the Digital Biology faculty at Singularity University Nordics.

He works as Chief Disruption Officer at Epicenter Stockholm where he advises companies and organizations on how to navigate accelerating technological transformation.

He is also a bio-hacker and a co-founder of BioNyfiken, the Swedish Association of biohackers where he works to democratize access to powerful biotechnologies. Bionyfiken has gained some notoriety for hosting chip implant parties around the world.

Hannes work and insights into near- and inbody technology has been internationally recognised by among others Wired, Motherboard, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNN, BBC, Daily Mail, Le Figaro and others.

Workshop & discussion facilitators

Yelena Koselnik, Annika Mossberg & Tommy Feldt

Yelena Koselnik is a UX designer fascinated by people and people’s behavior.

Annika Mossberg is an experienced UX designer with a great passion for designing user experiences that benefit both the organisation and their customers.

Tommy Feldt is a UX designer and accessibility specialist with a passion for creating digital experiences that simply work for all users.

Erika Mayer

Erika Mayer, senior UX Designer and CX Strategist, passionate about the underlying drives, quirky desires and deep needs of people. 

Malin Misaghi

Malin Misaghi, experienced User Experience Designer and Strategist who loves identifying solutions that creates real value for people.

Conference Venue

The conference will be held at 7A Conference & Business Center. 7A is located at Odenplan, only a few minutes from the subway. You will find the entrance to the venue at Odengatan 65.



Contact us at if you have any questions or feedback about the event. See you at the conference!

Veronica Wallström
Visual Designer

Tommy Marshall
UX Designer